My flag and national anthem ideas for an Australian republic

John sent us through his ideas for a new flag and anthem for an Oz republic.

The design of this flag takes advantage of Australia’s distinctive land-shape so as to make it easily recognisable worldwide. It has incorporated the colours of the Aboriginal flag, the continent being red and a black boomerang within a yellow sun which is centred directly above Uluru. The white border surrounding the country represents the glorious beaches that provide so much enjoyment for allAustralians, as well as affecting a clear contrast of the landmass against the blue background.

This flag respects the past by maintaining the stars of the Southern Cross on a blue background of the current flag, which symbolises on this new concept the spiritual ethos of Australia as well as indicating humanity’s future endeavours in the heavens.

As a suggestion, the insipid ‘Advance Australia Fair’ anthem should be replaced with the rousing theme “We Are Australian” as used in the TV ads by Telstra. By publicly displaying this print or sticker (e.g. car), this will provide an opportunity for all Aussies to lend their support to this new salutary flag which promotes reconciliation and good will.

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It is better to say we are sorry rather than jeopardise future harmony.

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Tell us, do you think this new flag is a good idea? Should our national flag ever change?

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