My fabulous week in Kalbarri

I’ve just come back from a fabulous week in Kalbarri. For those who are wondering, Kalbarri is about a 6 hour drive, north of Perth. I’ve been quiet on FB because I used up all my data allowance in the first 3 days and was threatened with having to sell my body to pay for any excess charges, LOL.

Apart from the first night where I fell on my knees trying to get off the mattress to go to the loo and then spent most of the following day in the ED (the doctor, nurses, and carers were just awesome), it was just blissfully warm – beautiful one day, perfect the next (with apologies to my Queensland friends).

We stayed at the Murchison River Caravan Park. Can highly recommend it. A stones throw from the beach, walking distance to all the shops, and everyone was so very friendly. It was the first week of the school holidays over here in the west so it was full to capacity. But the children were very well behaved, even the little ones, playing hide and seek after dark.

Everyone but me did the usual visits to the numerous beautiful gorges (I hobbled to the nearest rest station and waited), but even so I saw some amazing wildflowers, beautiful stretches of beaches, and chatted to anyone and everyone who would listen.

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One such couple spoke enthusiastically of their trip to the Hutt River Province, where Prince Leonard still resides, although his beautiful Princess has now passed away. They were so enthusiastic I badgered, sadly unsuccessfully, to visit on the way home.

One night was truly awesome. Fish and chips on the beach watching the sunset. Those of you on the east coast haven’t lived until you’ve seen a sunset over water.  It would have been perfect with a nice chilled glass of white wine, say Amira from Marlborough NZ, but I am not allowed alcohol with the medication I am on. Not that it tastes the same anyway.

The highlight was a visit to the Rainbow Jungle, a wonderland of birds, water, and tropical vegetation. Many of the birds were in big cages, but there was a huge open aviary, where the little birds darted to and fro. The highlight was a cockatoo called Cocky. He was very active and had a huge vocabulary, including a plaintive ‘Muuuummm’, and a fire engine sound, amongst the usual ‘hello cocky’ and ‘dance, cocky dance’. He was notably evil, however, because he would offer his ‘hand’ and, if you took the bait, would bite you!  

The week was over all too soon, so after breakfast, the morning was spent washing up and packing up. Pretty boring really. And then the long drive home. Until next time then. 

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Kalbarri, well worth the 6 hour drive north.

Thanks so much for Anne for sending this through.

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