Mothers Day gifts over 60s love

When we asked, we were overwhelmed with a couple of common responses for what our Over 60s want for mothers’ day this year.  From the comments on our Facebook page deep down inside us we all want something special and meaningful.  A special moment, a special memory, a special thing to cherish makes every Mum’s and Grandma’s day.  So we’ve written this article for you to share on Facebook, so your kids know just what you’d love this year…. add to it in the comments field.


Chrysanthemums – do you love them or hate them?

Home made gifts from the grandkids

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One year my kids painted “pet rocks” and stuck eyes on them for their Grandmas to keep them company when they weren’t there.  Another year they printed their feet on canvases.  They’ve collected shells at the beach and glued them onto child-painted timber picture frames, and they’ve always, always given home-made cards.  (Is there any more desirable kind – in my family Hallmark has no value next to a hand-crafted model even though my parents were newsagents for years).   These gifts have a life way beyond any pair of fluffy slippers… they are never thrown out and often take pride of place in a display cabinet forever.

Your time: on a special escape with the family

Mothers and grandmothers over 60 don’t get enough time with their children… so this is often what makes the best gift.  We’ve packed up an esky and taken Mum for a bushwalk and picnic one year, and another we’ve gone with the whole family to have a country BBQ with the inlaws family.  However you look at it, planned or spontaneous sharing of time on Mothers day will always be a hit!

Flowers, choccies and a hug

Who doesn’t love this old classic.  You can smell the chrysanthemums across the house for days, and their bright yellow glow makes you smile every time you see them.  The choccies can be demolished once everyone has gone home and the house is quieter, or even better, shared with the crowd of family that takes over the house on Mothers Day.  And the hug… well that means you got together on mothers day to give one, which will always make a mum smile…

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What else do you really want for Mothers Day this year?  I know I am hoping for my first ever pair of Ugg boots!  (Yes, I believe they are back in fashion (dubiously), and I really want to have warm feet this winter)