Lollies from the pollies: Promises for everyone...

Roll up roll up, there's lollies for everyone here!

Its lollies for everyone time, in the lead up to a federal election. In the last few days a pledge of 500 million dollars for the upgrade of the southern arterial road in South Australia by a major opposition party, with a 12 billion black hole in the budget, and that’s only the amount they are game enough to admit to, where is this 500 million coming from?  Is the bankrupt South Australian government contributing? or is all the funding coming from the federal black hole, can anyone hear a bell.

If you thought the above paragraph made no sense, I would have to agree.

Roll up roll up, there’s lollies for everyone here!

Pork barrelling, heard of it, hardly an integrated transport plan. Five hundred million on a transport corridor for people to get to work ten minutes earlier sounds a bit like similar offers made in Sydney, a place you would be better traversing in a helicopter. The fact is these investments create no valued infrastructure to advance manufacturing, agriculture or mining, they are massive expenses to buy votes and we can’t afford them.

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We will always see these con jobs on the masses, 70% of New South Wales population lives in Sydney and it’s environs, promises of expenditure in these areas will impress and attract support.  Can’t blame the locals for wanting to advance their lot in life and reacting. There are only two things in an election, money and votes.

Much of the revenue spent in the Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth environs is generated far from the maddening crowds, in rural and outback Australia. Tasmania is not mentioned because I believe Canberra has forgotten it exists due to its lack of revenue generation and given it to the Greens to conduct a Malthusian experiment.

Spend money in the areas relevant to its origin and Sydney would begin to shrink.

Mention a vision of GDP expenditure that would build infrastructure and wealth such as opening up the inner wealth of Australia, move water from areas of plenty to areas of need expanding agriculture, construct nuclear power grids and solar innovation, value add our powerful agricultural and mining sectors, redirect support funding for the car industry to government department’s so they can buy Australian made vehicles replacing the current mainly foreign fleets. Resurrect a manufacturing industry protected from free trade and current major parties retreat to major city environs supported by the Greens with promises of 500 million dollar roads that will return nothing to our children but just elect a politician that will be long gone after the road is constructed even on the remote chance it is built. If indeed the road is constructed, the users quickly discover it to be a ten minute transport improvement to nowhere as the country fades into further debt, attempting to pay for the improved infrastructure without sufficient funding in job creation for our children whom are currently expected to pay for the road is investment suicide.

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You can buy anything with money apart from common sense, vision, principles and blanket values, they are a personal commitment to patriotic attitudes. The global business market has eradicated any chance of that, Australian patriotism appears to be lacking among foreign interests.

Remember every dollar we spend on an improved lifestyle will be paid for by our children, lollies from the pollies will do nothing to set our future generations up to operate within a global competitive world.

The majority of dollars, we spend on infrastructure should be directed at returning interest and shoring up a place for our future generations to prosper. The federal government and opposition will spend tens of millions of dollars in election advertising brainwashing the masses that lollies from the pollies is the way to go, that money alone if used to expand infrastructure will make a difference.

We need a road to recovery and prosperity, not a road over, or next to an existing road already congested by overpopulation unless it has a direct result in further opening up rural and outback Australia. As if we didn’t have enough room in Australia to move on this.