Little Miss Thong

Thong bikini-clad contestants sashay down the catwalk, stopping every now and then to wiggle their hips in time to the thumping dance music. The crowd clap and cheer their encouragement.

One girl, removes a wrap from her hips and waves it in the air, another blows a kiss to the audience.

What is wrong with this picture?

The little girl proudly sashaying in her thong bikini, is only SIX YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!

That’s right, the “Little Miss Thong” beauty contest in Barbosa, Colombia, is a spinoff from the Miss Thong contest, but this junior version is for girls 6 to 10 years old.

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The organisers say parents sign consent forms for their daughters to appear in the contest – so what is happening with these parents?

The junior beauty contests with babies and pre-teen girls wearing false eyelashes, tight skirts and enough makeup to cover even this old face for 12 months, are barely tolerable. But to go that step further and have 6 to 10 year olds parading in thong bikinis must be bordering on child abuse!

What is the world coming to when we publicly or privately sexualise a six-year-old? Okay, this contest isn’t in Australia – yet. But where it is held is not the point.

Any time a child is sexualised (or abused), anywhere in the world, we should protest. Every child is precious, every child deserves better than to be paraded for the enjoyment of adults.

We write volumes about the young girl covering her head because of religious dictates, but somehow we overlook the child parading in front of adults wearing a thong. Why?

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Whilst I would prefer women were considered beautiful for what they do and thinks, rather than for how they look, I am a realist. Women will be admired for their bodies as long as the earth revolves, but a woman has a choice.

A child does not have choice! If their parents fail to protect them, should society step in? Are parents entitled to raise their children in whatever way they wish? Can/should society override the decisions of the parent?


Share your thoughts, am I over-reacting? Should we stay out of their young lives, leaving the decision with their parents? How would you feel if your pre-teen granddaughter was an entrant in “Little Miss Thong”? Is this a harmless competition or sexualisation of a child?