Letter to the editor: In response to Noel Pearson

Noel Peason
Indigenous activist Noel Pearson. Source: YouTube

In response to the recent article on Starts at 60 titled ‘ABC labelled ‘racist’ by indigenous leader‘ I offer the following:

Noel Pearson acts as a racist.

He has made a career out of it.

He has succeeded in doing nothing for his so-called race but very nicely for himself.

He constantly stirs the racist card against those who speak the truth, speak their minds, as anyone is entitled to do.

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We have pumped millions of dollars, if not billions, toward Aboriginals in this country and they have lapped it up and nothing has changed. A few people have made lots money out of it.

If the ABC reported the plight of the Aboriginal population without fear or favour it would have to report that they are a stone-aged race with little future the way they are going. It would report the drinking in the streets; the begging; abuse; the lighting of fires; the wrecking of property; the damage of property; including cars owned by white persons. It would report the unprovoked attacks on white Australians, the murders and rapes that go unreported. It would report the unhygienic manner in which Aboriginals live — after 200 years, washing is still a problem, as is using a toilet.

After all this time, money and waste of resources civilisation is still a long way off for Aboriginals of Australia.

None of this is racist, it is fact, the truth.

For those who live in cities never travelling this country let alone out of their state, their words are without knowledge. Many will disagree with the above and of course use the racist card and really I do not give a damm.

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I am not speaking about Aboriginals who have by birth a percentage of Aboriginal DNA, which they use to their advantage or those who have been brought up in white communities almost from birth, but the true Aboriginal still nomad and living far from civilisation.

Go to Halls Creek; Fitzroy Crossing; Wilcannia, Roper Bar and heap of ‘communities’ along the way. It is soon clear the ‘system’ has never worked for the Aboriginal population, only for the churches, do gooders, swollen government departments, and people like Noel Pearson who have made money and careers out of the benefits thrown at a situation but too hard to solve.

The only people who can solve the problem are the people themselves, it has to come from within.

Notwithstanding the above there is a lot of good within the real Aboriginal population, some good leaders. I have enjoyed the company of Aboriginals and have listened to their words. The true leaders know the problem, they live with it each day, they see it in motion but the ability to change is taken from them by those who have a vested interest keeping the situation as it is.

If we are to have one nation, one Australia, then we need to reinvent the wheel, go back to the beginning, not celebrate the feel good factor of single token champion, rather the whole population moving forward with the world.

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What did you think of Noel Pearson’s comments about the ABC? What are your thoughts about what Paul has to say? Share your opinions with us.

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