Is it OK to recycle letters to your wife?

Is it OK to recycle letters to your wife?

I have stumbled across some old letters that I gave to my wife, when we were first married and as we went along in life (one of which I put on this site some time ago about my version of motherhood).

I don’t know if my wife kept my ramblings or threw them out and forgot them.

Our 40th wedding anniversary fast approaching, I have found a letter that I gave my wife on our 21st wedding anniversary.

Do you think that she would be happy or will I get a smack, for being so stupid?

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This is a copy of a letter given to you on our 21st wedding anniversary, who would have thought that it is now 40 years.


The late afternoon sun reflects its rays through the long glass windows.

And at last I find myself standing there waiting,

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with the muffled murmurs of the people waiting behind me.

And the soft shuffle, shuffle as people file in.

Then the deep tones of short notes from the church organ, then silence.

I turn to see that stunning white dress and flowers, could this really be you.

That broad smile as you move slowly, step by tentative step down the long aisle.

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Friends and family hold their breath as you slowly glide by.

Your radiance causes the sun to bow its head, as you try not to look at me.

But that magical strength that is stronger than you or I, forces our eyes to meet.

And in a hail of stars and fireworks, the world disappears as you are by my side.


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Your shaking hand betrays your composure as you take a deep breath and we draw strength merely from the fact that we are together.

For this is our day.

On this day no one else matters, just you and I.

The deep tones of the organ we do not hear, nor the voice of the man that officiates there.

For our hearts and souls are making their own deals, for a lifetime.

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Finally you let your shaking hand meet mine, and that ring that you feared was too small slides easily along your sweating finger.

“You may kiss the bride.” I think that is a most unusual thing to say, it’s my wife.


As I look deep into your eyes, I wonder if twenty years from now, will I remember how happy this day was, or how much it meant?

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Would I remember the beauty and the glow of your face in the late afternoon light?

Or how arm in arm we turned to walk down the aisle, so proud I thought I would bust.

Those first steps as husband and wife.

The blur of faces that could see how happy we were, wishing us well.


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Will we walk through this door and I awake, finding this only wonderful dream.

If I do, may I go straight back to sleep and share it all again, with you.


Do you have any letters from your partner?