If only we could travel through time... Tobe Frank

To be frank I wish we could time travel.

I wouldn’t want an unlimited license to do as I please, but I would love to go back and re-live, re-experience some of of the great times we had in our younger days  as kids, as teenagers, as young adults and maybe even young parents…although I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t go back to the days of crappy nappies and no sleep.

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You wouldn’t be able to change anything, you’d just get to do it again…kind of like watching a movie for the second time.  The plot doesn’t change, the ending’s (I hope the apostrophe’s in the right place) the same, but you’d get to see stuff you didn’t see or take notice of, or didn’t understand.  You’d pick up stuff you missed.  You’d probably cringe at shit you forgot…and for good reason too no doubt!

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I was fortunate enough to be able to take a short break in Perth this weekend just past. The missus and I spent the weekend with age-old friends that we hadn’t seen in some time.  Great friends…the kind that, despite the years, you pick up where you left off.

These friends in particular we had shared some of the best of times.  We’d all been in London together in our early 20’s and had spent many hours drinking our life away, talking shite and making plans for our epic Kombi van ‘Tour de Alcohol’ through western Europe.

These were the days when it didn’t matter whether you went left or right, stayed for one night or ten.  Some things that you thought would be great, like Berlin, were shite, and some things you thought would be shite were great (maybe if I time travelled to Berlin now I’d appreciate the history and cultural diversity a bit more).


So as we ate, drank and talked our way through a glorious Perth weekend, I couldn’t help but pine for the old days.  What I wouldn’t give to get behind the wheel of ‘Matilda’ our green and gold Kombi, bouncing up and down on the driver’s seat that felt like it had been a trampoline in a previous life, singing tunes with the windows down, pulling into vineyards with cellar doors to fill up our 5ltr flasks we’d drained the night before, and pulling the distributor cap off each time we parked the car as a primitive form of an in-car security system.

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Sure I have the pictures, I have the memories as clear as yesterday.  I have the route we took etched into my mind and I can even remember the songs on the radio, but I would love to, just once even, go back and re-live some of those days.

Some friends, just make you want to do that.

We shared some not so great times with these friends too, like when they found out they were pregnant (which wasn’t even remotely one of the plans we’d made whilst drinking…although drinking may have had something to do with said pregnancy), however I am sure my friends would not use my time machine to change a thing about the first of their four grown kids now.

That’s the funny thing about life…despite your ups and downs, good days and bad days and even if I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Well maybe I wouldn’t have crashed dad’s car into the house….

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What’s the one thing you would want to go back and just re-live with your older eyes?