I saw the sign

The things you come across on a rainy day drive...

So it has been a cold week and I have been stuck indoors. Today I decided to go for a drive, see where the road takes us so to speak. I bundled Scarlet into the car and headed off. I noticed on my way out of town that Mt Wellington had a slight dusting of snow on its peaks. Pretty but not as pretty as it will get. I turned on James Blunt and happily sang to his tunes with only the dog to criticise. Alas, we had been on the road around five or six minutes when it started to rain., not light pleasant rain but heavy, cold, wet rain. Should I turn back? No, we’ll just keep going and see what happens.

I drove along a road with a sign that said Cygnet. I hadn’t been there so down the road we went and down the rain poured and poured and poured. Oh well, we will enjoy the drive.  It was too cold and wet to get out of the car so I concentrated on the road and its signs. Have you ever wondered who thinks up the signs put on our roads by council? 

As we drove down the narrow and winding road heading to Cygnet I spotted the first sign that had me smiling; “Pass Cyclists Safely.”

Now that is self explanatory isn’t it? Then I started to wonder. If we need to be told how to pass cyclists, did that mean that we are too stupid to already know this? Does that mean that we have to pass cyclists safely but it’s okay to pass anything else unsafely? Of course those who don’t pass cyclists safely probably don’t take notice of signs anyway.

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The next sign further along the road was the sign that shows you you’re on a winding road. Hello, I can work that one out myself thanks. The rain was consistent so we travelled on, knowing we couldn’t get out of the car without getting a good soaking so we’re content to look for signs. Just before we reached Cygnet I noticed a shed to my left.  The sign read, “Pagan Cider”. I chuckled as I wondered what the difference was between Pagan cider and regular cider. Perhaps Pagan Cider has to be blessed by an unknown and un orthodox religion while regular cider just takes what it gets. Who knows.

Now we’ve come to Cygnet, the sign says so. Actually it says: Cygnet, the home of the black swan.  I looked and looked and looked. I couldn’t find a swan of any colour let alone a black one, but I did see a few ducks along the shoreline. Still raining.

Turning right will take me in a circle back towards home. Scarlet is bored now and has gone to sleep so I turn right. We have been on the road around thirty minutes. Still raining. As we head past Huonville, a nice little town, always busy, I spot a sign which thanks me for coming. I think that’s OK didn’t have anything else to do, but how did they know I was there?

Now I was bored. Still raining. Wait, what does that sign say? “Just Poo.” Yes, that’s what it said. “Just Poo”. I am astounded. How old am I? Do these people not know that I know when I need to poo? I don’t need to be told! I might be getting old but I’m not stupid.

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So I headed back home, still raining and noticed the sign that told me to drive carefully. Shaking my head I kept going as it kept raining. I stopped at the veggie shed and the coffee shop along the way. As I pulled into the carport and coaxed the sleeping dog from the car, it stopped raining. Oh well, the drive was nice and at least I got out of the house and had a chance to take notice of the signs. Sigh.

What’s the strangest sign you’ve ever encountered?