I need your help, Father

A worried husband walks into the church where he finds the priest cleaning the pulpit.  After warmly greeting the man, the priest can tell from his face that something is wrong.  The priest says, “What’s troubling you, my son?”

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“Father, I think my wife is trying to poison me. Every time she makes me something to eat, the rat poison bottle gets lighter and lighter,” the man says.

Troubled by hearing this, the priest tells the man, “I will go and speak with your wife and see what is going on here.”

The priest then heads to their home and sits down with the wife and has a long discussion. He then comes back to talk to the husband.  The priest puts his hand on his shoulders and says, “I’ve spoken with your wife for almost two hours about this”, the priest said.

The husband looks intently at the priest, “Yeah, what should I do?”

The priest calmly says “You should take the poison.”

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