'I had a terrifying nightmare but figured out its simple meaning'

We all dream, and we all have nightmares at some stage of our lives.

Some might say every day is a nightmare.

We often have re-occurring dreams I know that each of which is usually of some significance to us. For example, when I left my marriage I had a series of dreams where I was wading upstream to reach a place I knew I needed to get to. All very symbolic in meaning.

I was wondering if anyone has considered what the purpose of nightmares is and what is the nature of the ones they have.

I have had several types over the years. Being stuck somewhere and having a loud noise going off beside me has woken me several times over the years.

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But the other night I had one. It was the first nightmare as such that I have had in many years. I was away somewhere and staying in a room with other people whom I think may have been my sons. Suddenly I felt there was someone on top of me. They were spread-eagled down my body, and I couldn’t shake them off. I could feel whatever it was putting their feet on my shoulders as if wanting to stay on top of me.

I remember hearing myself grunting as I tried to ply it off (this was a time when I was glad to sleep alone as there is no telling what might have been uttered during the course of this event).

I finally woke up and realised what it was I had just had.

So, then me being me began to think about what it all meant.

This coming weekend I am having my son’s small dog coming to stay with me while he and his wife and son get settled into a new place and hopefully for them a place that will accept a pet.

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As I have never had a pet of my own, I am sure my nightmare was a manifestation of my anxiety over having this little dog in my care.

I should point out that the dog and I are acquainted as I’ve looked after him before but in his house, not mine.

He is a very low maintenance dog, and of course, I dread anything happening to him as my grandson loves and adores him.

So that is what I think my nightmare was about.

What nightmares do you recall and has there been a reoccurring theme to them?