How I found my cleaner through Facebook

This year a prolapsed disc saw me in such agony I couldn’t walk more than a few feet, let alone scrub bathrooms or push a broom. Intensive physiotherapy was to continue for months and I was told to expect a very slow recovery. (We ate a lot of frozen dinners during that time).

What the heck was going to happen to the house while I recovered? Who was going to clean it? My husband, bless him, is very tidy but wouldn’t know how to vacuum to save his life.

The decision was made. We would hire a cleaning lady until I regained full health.

I put out a call on FB through a closed group I belonged to – these are like minded gals who were into fitness and exercise. I felt it was important to hire someone who was personally recommended.

Straight away I had a response recommending a gal from the group and with relief, I set up a time for my new helper to start. We hit it off straight away, she was meticulous (tick), energetic (tick) trustworthy and reliable (tick, tick).

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We agreed to terms as to what she was required to do and how many hours of work she would be paid for. I suggested a minimum of two hours as any less might not have been worth her while.

I gradually regained my health and the back was almost as good as new but what to do about my new found “treasure”. After discussing it with my husband we agreed I could keep her! Happy days!

So she comes to me once a fortnight and vacuums, dust and steam-mops right through (I have a lot of tiled areas), cleans two bathrooms/toilets – all the heavy stuff. I pay her $25 an hour and I have to say she is worth every penny.

I am now able to concentrate on other things (like bowls, gym, quilting etc) while my treasure keeps my house “sparkle arkleing”. Of course, I am still stripping and making beds, washing, ironing, shopping, cooking and gardening – only now I have more time to do it.

At the age of 70 and after many years of cleaning other people’s houses I can now stop worrying about whether my house is clean. It’s a great feeling. And no, I won’t give you her number – that I’m keeping to myself!


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