Gluten – to have or not to have?

Back in December 2013, I read the much acclaimed book “Grain Brain” by Dr. David Perlmutter and I have not touched grains such as wheat, rye, spelt and barley to name a few ever since. I have, in due course, enjoyed a rise in my optimal well-being. Coincidence you could say, but I believe it is quite the opposite and bear with me so I can explain to you why I don’t believe in this particular coincidence.

We human beings have thrived for thousands of generations without substantial amounts of these gluten-containing grains.

These new hybridised wheat varieties of today are the by-product of cross breeding, to effectively increase their yield enormously. They are also designed to make them more disease, drought and heat resistant.

Unfortunately, the intent and efforts to increase this hybridisation of these grains resulted in dramatic changes in the genetic make up of the gluten containing wheat. Up until then, they were considered reasonably safe for human consumption, without much concern for the human safety, even though wheat gluten proteins in particular, undergo considerable structural changes due to the hybridisation process.

It seems that everyone, including the scientific community at large, had assumed that the hybridisation of these genetic breeding conditions would not change the “essence” of the actual product and therefore would be well tolerated by the general public at large. Latest scientific data very much suggests otherwise.

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Over the past 60 or so years and as a direct result of these “scientific advances” in creating a higher yielding wheat plant, thousands of new strains have made it into the human commercial food supply, without as much as being really safety tested for human consumption! In short, the general safety aspect for human use of this genetically engineered stuff was fairly inconclusive until recently.

To get to the punch line – we are now being told how these genetic differences via these thousands of differently human-engineered hybridizations make for substantial variations, according to recent scientific research.

The important question remains – how much harm does it do to us?

Dr. Alesio Fasano, a gastroenterologist from Boston General Hospital, USA, who has written over 600 published papers on the subject of gluten, insists that the gluten in the wheat (as well as other gluten containing grains) are harmful to every single person currently alive!

He states very clearly, that anyone suffering with gastro-intestinal issues for example should initially refrain from eating gluten-containing products for at least 3 weeks. Many of his patients see an incredible improvement to their overall health at the end of that short period of time and decide to give up gluten for good.

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His talks are very informative and if you wish to learn more about the issues of gluten intolerance, whether you actually display any symptoms or not – go here and listen to one of his presentation here.

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Stay happy, healthy and sexy!


Tell us, have you tried to be gluten-free? What did you think– did you feel better?