Funny: A child's perspective on recycling

reduce_reuse_recycle_bag-rc9fe7b9f401d424390fe5459b7feec72_v9wtg_8byvr_512Last night we were celebrating my grandson’s 23rd birthday and reminiscing a little – much to his embarrassment.  I reminded him of the time that my dog “Molly” was run over and my son lovingly buried her in the garden inside a recycle bag to prevent Molly’s mother, who often visited with my daughter, from digging her up.

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A few weeks later, five year old grandson rang and asked where Molly was.  I took a deep breath and proceeded gently to tell him what had  happened.  He brushed my explanation away and stated that his uncle had put Molly in a recycle bag and she should be back by now.  His comment last night was – “Well I was only five and it seemed logical at the time!”