Frustrations of a realist

One cent coins are no longer legal tender. Has anyone told the supermarkets? It is impossible to pay cash for items ending in 99cents. If you buy five of something it will result in a five cent amount. I don’t want to buy five of everything. The latest is buy two of something and save money. How can we be saving money if we only wanted one of something, but we buy two at a higher cost?

Free deals? Buy one and get one free, free postage, fly free and just pay for accommodation. Let’s face it, it’s all included in the price somewhere. The air is free and if someone gives you something for nothing that is free, but not much else.

Reality TV. What reality? Does anyone actually believe that this is the way people act in their actual lives? Surrounded by a camera person, a sound person, a makeup person, a producer, other technicians and very bright artificial lighting is an unreal situation in the first place. Then the adventurers; alone in a desert, climbing a mountain etc., they are never really alone, there must be one other person at least filming and most of the dangers are artificially created so that the adventurer doesn’t actually get eaten by a wild animal or falls off the edge of the precipice to his or her death.

Political spin. Let’s call a spade a spade. Spin is another word for a lie or distorting the truth.  The beauty of the English language is that there are many ways to describe an event without saying what it actually is. There are people employed to distort the truth so our politicians can get away with spin. They were called spin doctors. Now they are called advisors. A lie is a lie no matter who says it.

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The Liberal Party isn’t liberal, it is conservative. The Labour Party no longer represents labour, the National Party is a Country Regional Party and the Greens… well nobody knows what they are.

Reporters calculate water capacity by how many Sydney harbours a particular dam or lake or Olympic Swimming Pool holds. When did Sydney Harbour become the national measure? Does anyone know how much water is in the harbour? How many Olympic Size swimming pools are there in one Sydney Harbour?

What frustrates you?

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