Foot tendons the hidden heroes

Never before have the over-60s been more mobile, foot tendons hidden under the arch of your feet play an important part in this mobility.

It is every baby boomers’ personal duty to keep themselves in good physical condition, particularly if you have sacrificed parts of your earlier life while bringing up and educating your children.

Now that they are near to or have already flown from the nest you have the opportunity to celebrate your entry into your ‘new world’.

Our feet may not be the most attractive part of our body… that’s why we pay them little or no attention.

When you consider that as an adult you will take around 10,000 steps every day and do it automatically just like breathing — we just do it.

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Most people get hit with foot pain suddenly, there maybe some slight warning, but the chances are if you spend considerable time on your feet your feet will suffer stress.

It is common to suffer problems with your foot tendons without any warning — you may get out of bed one morning and ‘Bam!’ you feel that you are walking on broken glass — a common sensation.

You are now experiencing ‘heel spur’ medically known as ‘plantar fasciitis’ a severe foot tendon stress condition.

The main tendon under your foot known as the ‘plantar fascia’ tendon has gradually torn away.

A range of remedies are available, in most cases surgery is not required.

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There is also temporary remedies such as taping up your foot daily, taping and using cheap inserts will not support a foot tendon and provide long-term relief.

Custom made orthotics cost around $500-$750.

Mineral enhanced orthotics help

These orthotics offer excellent arch support needed to provide a straight body posture as well as foot posture. You will experience superior balance and strength with this unique product.

The essential minerals help sustain and cleanse the body throughout and beyond the orthotic restructuring and healing process. More specifically, these mineral enhanced orthotics work to:

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  • Cleanse major organs including heart, lungs, liver, spleen, gall bladder, kidney and large and small intestines.
  • Control the vascular system.
  • Control sweating and odour.
  • Supplement and strengthen bones, muscles and skin.
  • Stimulate the nervous system.
  • Stimulate all the functions of the human body.
  • Have you ever suffered problems with your feet? What treatment or tips do you recommend for others who might have foot issues?