February 2017 AstroMotivation Forecast: Finding Our Way


“You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way – it does not exist” – Nietzsche

Seeking. In one way or another, we’re all looking for answers in our lives. We may feel that we are somehow lacking, not good enough or not sufficiently enlightened. We search for ways to find greater self-awareness, intuitive insight or purposeful direction. Exploring different tools, techniques and teachings, we’re eager to awaken the magic within us. But it’s already within you. Acknowledging the beautiful energies, true gifts and unlimited potential that you innately possess is the first step to enlightenment. Honouring yourself and your unique path is your birthright!

This is the month to find your way while realising that there is no right answer, no right path or no right course of action. There is only YOU, and you are right, right now! Your soul is here to acknowledge and learn from the unique abilities, challenges and triumphs that make you who you are. Realise that YOU, and the knowledge about yourself, the use of your talents and the ability to embrace your unique perceptions of life is what leads to greater fulfilment. YOU are the teacher, the student and the master. This is your time to honour all three!

The weeks ahead bring powerful Eclipse energies to learn from and grow through. As we step out of our comfort zone, we step into a time of greater transformation – bringing further insight, awareness and understanding of ourselves and others to light!

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What’s in store for us in this second month of 2017? Here’s your Motivational Astrology Forecast for February 2017:

We begin the month with Venus moving into Aries on the 4th. As the “Goddess of Love” planet rushes into the sign known for its assertive and aggressive energy, we’re urged to advance our heartfelt desires and share our forthright feelings! This five-month-long cycle (with Retrogrades), brings dynamic creative activity, progression and empowerment to our lives! Use this time to find the self-belief to act on your feelings and attract to you the love, creativity and liberated expression you seek!

On the 7th, Mercury – the planet of communications – moves into Aquarius, urging us to have our say! Now is the time to speak up, share your thoughts, voice your opinions, step out of the norm and launch your dreams! This is the astrological go-ahead to embark on new methods of self-expression and embrace innovative concepts. Connect now with like-minded others while embracing new ways of launching into unique and inventive ways of to begin new projects, make announcements, embark on exciting adventures and launch your dreams!

A Full Moon Eclipse in the sign of Leo occurs on the 11th. We’re encouraged now to find harmony between what our heart feels and how we express our thoughts to others. This dramatic lumination/eclipse stirs up strong feelings, greater passion and much sharing of emotions. Finding the balance between self-centered energy and self-less action is key. Greater joy, creative fulfilment and loving expression can be found now if we honour our hearts while appreciating the feelings of others.

The Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th, beginning a 30-day new Solar cycle emphasising our imaginations, feelings, intuitions and spiritual energies. Envisioning the positive possibilities for ourselves and our world helps it to manifest now. This is the time when we can tap into the universal mind, find guidance and meditative strength in order to feel greater tranquillity and a sense of Oneness. In joining together with like-hearted others, we can now choose to honour and cultivate peace, harmony and love for all.

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Mercury joins the Sun in Pisces on the 26th, helping our visions to manifest! Honouring our sensitivity and encouraging our inner creative spirit to flourish allows us to bring our visions to reality! Our thoughts and expressions are now more sensitive, intuitive and spiritually focused. This marks a new cycle of feeling and a greater appreciation of our imaginations, artistry, visual sense and meditative mindset. We are more responsive to gentler, kinder, sympathetic connections and in turn, we reach out with greater love and supportive expression to those we care about.

Lastly, February’s New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse, in Pisces on the 26th. We now have the opportunity to renew our beliefs and feelings about ourselves and our Universe. Greater intuitive, spiritual and creative energies emerge to assist us in moving forward with our dreams. For the next few weeks, the stage is set for strengthening our sympathetic and empathic natures. More artistry and spiritual expression can be brought forward as we revitalise ourselves, using more of our imagination and feeling natures. This Solar Eclipse strongly emphasised the Pisces new Moon energy, signalling a need for great compassion, empathy and spiritual focus.

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