Fast cars and young men: my ride in a Lamborghini!

How many times in a life do you get the chance to drive in a very fast sports car, with a young man slightly older than your grandson? Okay, I might have exaggerated a little, but that was what happened. I won a prize, my choice of several exciting things to do that are intended to increase the pulse rate. I chose the Lamborghini ride.

Jacqui won our blogging award earlier this year and shared the experience with her husband Brian. To read Brian’s version of the events, click here.


From being a slightly arthritic and creaking woman of 75, I had the chance to feel very wild and young again, or I could kid myself I did!

On a perfect spring day with the beautiful bay sparkling close by, we arrived for the Red Balloon experience. Red Balloon makes their business giving pleasure and creating special events. Ours was to be driven around in silver Lamborghini. Why did I choose this as my prize?

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Well for once the real excitement of doing something I had never done before and the chance of sitting in a car worth more than our first house. A sleek silver monster capable of being driven fast enough to get the same effect as being hurtled through space! They mention the possible danger of the ‘g’ force in the safety notes. You don’t get that in too many everyday cars.

This event also gave me a few butterflies, how would my heart respond, would the speed affect me, would I expire in the midst of a wild drive? I am on medication for so many things I rattle. One of them is an irregular heart beat. Fast cars and young men are a perfect combination for a dicky heart! The next worry; would I be able to bend my arthritic bits into the seat? Or would it all be too embarrassing? I tried not to show I was concerned.

We had very few formalities and waited in the pleasant lounge. Then the silver beast came roaring back with the previous passenger. I tried to look super confident as I lowered my ancient bones into the low seat. Amazingly I made it with perhaps a little crash as I landed. The vision from my seat was superb. This was a Gallardo, a sleek car with 500hp, and a V10 engine. The throaty roar as we left was a thrill, I felt like I was in a car which was like a tiger on a leash, and would love to have been there when the tiger was allowed to run free. The driver was young and said he was also a personal trainer in his spare time. So if I survived the ride he might be able to give me some tips for the gym.

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I loved it of course, the sound of it, and the roar of the engine, even the smell of this sort of vehicle is special. It brought a touch of luxury to my humdrum existence, and my husband had a ride too, so that meant we could compare notes later.

Of course I could have chosen sky diving or bungy jumping, but this was perfect, far better than launching myself off a cliff. I felt glamorous and rather special as I had photos taken. Yes it was fun, and I would do it again in a heartbeat, but next time can we go on a race track? Promise I will take extra pills if we do!


Have you ever had an experience in a fast car like Jacqui? What happened? What did you think of it? Tell us in the comments below!