Electricity has lost its spark

Just what is happening to Australia. If, like me, you are old enough to have been in business or employment during the last quarter of the last century and of course most of this century then you, like me, you must wonder whats happened.

Having basic amenities in this country of ours is costing an arm and a leg and I do not know why. I have just opened our recent electricity bill, at the same time I hear on the radio that electricity charges are to increase by 10 per cent. I have to ask why, I need to know, what has happened to add 10 per cent to the burden of Australians.

The CPI was 0.7 per cent for September quarter 2016, 0.4 per cent for June quarter 2016; -0.2 per cent for March quarter 2016 and 0.4 per cent for the Decemberquarter 2015. The CPI being the index to which many of peoples benefits and such like are attached I fail to understand why the electricity companies are allowed to get away with such exploitation. Why does the Government not step in and represent us or the appropriate authority charged with the responsibility of ensuring a fair playing field for all do something? How come such increases are always approved without question?

Why do we pay $1.25 for every day, over and above the electricity charge. This charge seem to have the ability to increase when the electricity company see fit. It is referenced to nothing only for providing the service, repairing infrastructure, what ever excuse fits the day.

Why has the Government allowed electricity producing plants to be closed there by giving electricity companies more mileage to increase charges that is notwithstanding the Australians being laid off with little hope of future employment.

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That is just the electricity bill.

We all go to supermarkets, the choice of which one is individual to the customer but have you notice the price increases, I find them most noticeable in the meat department. How can 1kg of lamb cutlets be worth more than $44.00. Both Coles and Woolworth have reduced their meat exposure considerably in the past few months, obviously people have been unable to afford meat and the supermarkets have reacted accordingly. We can all remember when sheep were being sold at $2, they could not give them away so what has happened?

Do not worry the same explosion in prices has happened in the beef department as well. Why, what has happened to cause the inflated prices. Why are we a major meat producing country paying so much for our meat. I have a theory, nothing more, nothing less.

The Government announced recently that the cost of beef had increased from $1-something to $3-something a kilo and this inflation was terrific for us Australians, as it meant more export dollars. Who are they kidding; how can such inflation be good for everyday Australians? Fine if we are exporting our meat and that is the priced being obtained overseas, I am happy and relaxed about that, but why are we paying the same high prices.

Eighty percent of our best meat is exported, great for the country receiving it but we are basically left the left overs. I am pleased that overseas purchasers pay through the nose for our meat, but why are we paying the same price and for inferior quality. Meat sold in this country should be at substantially reduced price to that paid by oversea customers.

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Tasman Meats compete with the major sellers of meat producing many cuts of meat at lower prices.This can only be good for us the customer but unfortunately Tasman Meat are not in every town. To be fair I should mention Aldi who sell lamb cutlets at just over $29/kg. Problem being that profits from such sales go out of Australia. We must be able to do things for ourselves, but that is a subject for another time.

In real terms exporting meat is seriously effecting the day to day lives and eating habits of ordinary Australians. Maybe good for the Government to justify the amazing expenditure dedicated to export trade but it does not help you and me have our Sunday roast, our favourite leg of lamb which is slowly becoming the great Australian dream.

There again we pay not be able to afford the electricity to cook the dream.

There are lots more examples where ordinary Australians are being ripped off in the name of progress. Can you list any?

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