Electing happiness

“Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” — Abraham Lincoln

Some people say “happiness is having the right to vote”. That may be true, but most important is electing happiness to be your personal leader, every day of your life. You, not events, have the power to decide between happiness and sadness. Which one will it be? We all experience good times and bad — that’s a part of life, but embracing the light even when we’re trudging through the dark, makes the journey easier.

There are going to be times in our lives when it’s really hard to find reasons to be happy, perhaps even times when it seems we’ve lost everything. That’s never truly the case, and if we work to find and nurture the seeds of happiness the harvest will come in time.

Every time you are sad, fearful or worried you lose the opportunity to be happy. Turn any sad views around by focusing on what you do have, what is going well and what is working in life. There is always something to be thankful for! Stop complaining. Instead, focus on the people, pets, situations and activities that you love.

Consider ways to help yourself feel better: exercise, meditate, journal, sing, dance, read inspiring books, do affirmations, cook a good meal, watch funny movies, chat with supportive friends, get better rest and allow yourself to dream! Maintain perspective: keep in mind what is really important in your world! Your view of life is what makes it a reality — choose to be happy!

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From now on, take responsibility for finding more joy, positivity, optimism and smiles each day! A happy attitude will always lead to wonderful possibilities! Let’s see what we can look forward to Astrologically for a better and brighter November:

The month starts off with Mars, the planet ruling our energy and actions, moving into the sign of Aquarius on November 9. This represents a new cycle of freedom, assisting us in letting go of bad habits or negative circumstances in order to move forward with greater courage and ingenuity. This is an ideal time for getting involved in new technologies, humanitarian projects or embarking on interesting new endeavours.

On November 12, Venus goes into Capricorn, highlighting a time when we become more practical, down to earth and stable in our affections. For the next three weeks personal feelings are more sensible, sober and serious. This is a great period for seeing those in our lives more realistically and taking responsibility for what we value — in our friendships, love connections and with ourselves! Additionally, ambition, issues of security and financial rewards are all sought after now.

Mercury, the communication planet moves into Sagittarius on November 13, which starts a new period of possibility thinking! Use this time for advancing positive self-expression, expansive thought and new optimism. This a favourable period for jumping into prosperous projects and brighter adventures, helping you journey further in heart, mind and soul! You have the ability to make your visions come to life now — so embrace those future plans! Connecting with others to appreciate and share all that life has to offer is also highlighted.

November’s Full Moon occurs on the 15th in the sign of Taurus. This lunar energy magnifies the taste, touch, feel and fragrance of life! We are encouraged now to appreciate more of the joys of our lives and honour those things we value, while releasing what’s no longer pleasing. Create a stronger foundation in your personal and professional dealing now by letting go of what is no longer valued or supportive!

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The Sun moves into Sagittarius on November 22, bringing forth an energising Solar cycle for growing our optimism! We can now welcome a time for greater happiness, expansive expression and positive feelings. Opening ourselves to greater prosperity, possibility thinking and freedom-loving adventures inspires more confidence and abundance in our lives. This is a great time for envisioning your future dreams in order to manifest them!

The month finishes up with a New Moon on the 30th. In the sign of Sagittarius, this lunar energy invites further optimism and excitement to our lives, boosting our confidence and bringing us a new era of courage, positivity and enthusiastic expression!

We now jump open-armed and open-minded into joyous journeys, pro-active projects and enjoyable endeavours with the feeling that anything can be accomplished! This is a great time to initiate your big-picture view of what you want to achieve in the weeks ahead. Start the manifestation process now to secure your dreams for the future!

Do you follow the astrological chart? What are you looking forward to in November?

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