Do you really want to know?

Have you ever been to see a Clairvoyant? Ever had your fortune told by the Tarot cards or the crystal ball? Read your horoscope? There are few of us that can answer no, to one or more of these questions. What did you feel about the reading after you had paid your money and made your way back to your home? Perhaps to listen to a tape about your reading!

Were you happy with it? Were you disappointed with it? Did you think the reader was very good, or very bad? Maybe you went home in awe of this person who you thought was so gifted they could see right into your very soul? Or so it seemed! Maybe you even wished you had the gift yourself!

The saddest thing is that the profession is wide open to, and attracts so many crackpots and cranks, that it is very hard to sort out the wheat from the chaff and find a genuine clairvoyant. When you do, you have found a rare jewel indeed. Getting to know them, you will realise not only are they reluctant to give a reading at times, but they never consider their talent Œa gift, as so many people call it. You should never push them to give you a reading. There is always a reason why and you should accept it, or expect a Œless than the best reading they could give you when they listen to their own vibrations.

The reason is that when a true Clairvoyant is Œtuned in, there is very little they can do but Œgo with the flow. What they receive may not be what you want to hear, because they cannot simply ask questions to Œorder etc. What you will hear will be true and you can receive guidance for your future. What most people do not understand is that we have Œchoices in life. The clairvoyant simply tells you of the probabilities. So that you can be aware, and avoid any bad mistakes you might make without the subsequent knowledge of events crossing your path.

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I am fortunate enough to have met a few true Clairvoyants and I am able to Œknow a shonky crank when I meet one. I know simply because I am a sensitive myself. One thing I will tell you without question the so called, “gift” is an unwanted gift! In the early stages of development there is little control. It has to be learnt! This means that anything and everything can be Œpicked up from your vibrations. Things like accidents, death, or even the overpowering thoughts of fear of the passengers of an aircraft as it plummets to the earth killing all on board.

Yes! It is true, that was one of my own early experiences of my Œgift.

Most true Clairvoyants can recount an early horrendous prophecy, or happening. Most will not tell you very much about it. There is no way a sensitive will do harm to anyone, or gain for themselves from their Œgift. It is an unwritten rule that every sensitive accepts without question. A true sensitive takes development lessons and learns to control. They learn to Œswitch off. This is the most valuable lesson of all, because being Œswitched on all the time would undoubtedly lead to insanity. This may explain a lot of the tragedies of the past in the Clairvoyants world.

So once again I ask you. ŒDo you really want to know? Why is the human race so inquisitive about the future? Why are some of us born with the so-called Œgift, the unwanted gift? I have asked this question many times during my lifetime, but I have found no answer to it.

When I consider all the frightening experiences I encountered before I understood my Œgift and learned to control it. I can honestly say that given the option I would say Œ”No thank you”. I would rather have the teddy bear!

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Oh dear I should stop writing as I will have a phone call anytime to say my nephew has arrived on the earth. Clairvoyance? No! My sister rang me last night to say baby is on the way. I hope he is lucky enough to be born without the unwanted gift….


Have you ever seen a Clairvoyant or psychic? What did they say? Were their predictions true? Tell us below!