Dining with the locals in the Galapagos Islands

You can’t beat dining with the locals, especially the native ones. What more could you ask for on Santa Cruz Island in the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador? 6 nights a week from Monday through to Saturday the fish market comes alive in the evening. The plastic tables and chairs are set out and by 7pm there are queues waiting for a table. This is a true dining experience especially when you dine with sea lions and pelicans – it is a family affair. The men are responsible for bringing the catches in and the women in the family cook the meals in the evening. Other family members work the tables and others make the salad, rice and plantains.

You know it is fresh when you see the fisherman bring in their catch during the day at different times.

Busy times at the Santa Cruz Fish Market

It can become very busy. The locals are discerning and know what is the better quality and will wait until the right fish arrives.

The natives have to wait their turn as well. This sea lion appears daily, knowing that he does not have to go and catch his own food anymore, why should he when it is handed to him at the markets? He can become quite demanding at times especially when the pelicans try and beat him to the morsels.

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I'm here first don't feed those pesky birds first, I can see their wings

Move over we are waiting too!


I'm a bit sleepy after dinner

The freshest fish ever!

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Now it is our turn, USD10 per fish with rice, plantains and salad washed down with a very cold Pilsener for USD4 each. If you get there before 6pm you may be in time to purchase the fish at USD7. We are still not sure how that works, but one day it was USD7 and other days it was USD10.

This was our best meal in the Galapagos Islands.

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