What jingles from the '60s and '70s are still stuck in your head?

What jingles do you remember from the 60s and 70s_
Remember some of these!

They were the original earworms – those songs you just couldn’t get out of your head. No, they weren’t the hit tunes of the time, they were those catchy jingles from famous brands’ ads!

They may have only been in black and white some of the time, but they were shot in a time of innocence before advertising became risque and when a good sing-along was all you needed to make an ad successful.

Have you got any memories of being a kid or even an adult with your own kids, singing along and humming the tune to the popular commercials? 

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to look at some of the advertising greats of years gone by that really illustrate the good and bad of the era – so innocent, and not always particularly convincing!

What advertisements do you recall? Tell us what they were and why you loved or hated them in our comments section!

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1. Coca-Cola… Filmed in Parsley Bay, New South Wales

2. The Streets Cassata bar icecream

3. BP C.O.R. for BP Super

4. Harris Coffee and Tea

5. Holden (who love’s football, meat pies, kangaroos and holden cars??)

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6. Milo, Australia’s favourite “tonic food”!

7. Bonds cottontails women’s underwear

Not enough? Here are some more in a 17-minute compilation. These will bring back the memories.
What advertisements do you remember? Tell us what they were and why you loved or hated them!