What did you buy for a penny in your youth?
By Starts at 60 WritersIn ConversationsOn Monday 20th Nov, 2017

What did you buy for a penny in your youth?

Back in your youth walking to the corner store to “spend your penny” was exciting.  Candy, biscuits, treats of all kinds make up the memories that are the biggest of our younger years.  

We asked our Starts at 60 Community what a penny meant to them back in their youth and the stories abounded. 

“With a penny I could buy one Cobber, one Freckle, four Rasberry Jubes, two Clinkers, one Gobstopper or if I had three pennies (thruppence!) I could buy a small ice cream. Sixpence or six pennies would get me into the saturday movie matinee. It used to cost a penny to use the toilet at Central Railway station. And Mum used to give me a penny for the plate at Mass on Sunday,” said Liz Deakin. 

 “You could get 8 chocolate bullets for a penny or 4 licorice blocks. You could also get a liquorice strap for a penny. They were flat and thin, and about 1 inch wide and 12 inches long. You could get the twisty ones but they were more expensive. I think I could also get a musk stick,” said Judith Morice.

And so today we want to talk about what you bought for a penny! 

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