Remember using an inkwell at school?

Do you remember using an Inkwell_
I think we all remember the smell!

Remember when every school desk had its own inbuilt inkwell? The small hole provided ample space for your ink so you could write with ‘ease’ – except that it wasn’t that easy! 

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Children going to school today will never know the struggle of having to dip their pens in ink to write, learning the skill of getting enough ink to last a while but not so much that it would leave blotches all over the page, even after using the blotting paper next to the inkwell.

Then there was the sharing of inkwells, and having them refilled by the class’s ‘ink monitor’.  And the naughty kids who’d flick ink on other kids’ uniforms, and even dip an unsuspecting plait or ponytail into the well! 

Do you remember using an inkwell? Do you have a funny inkwell tale? Tell us in the comments below!