Life's too short to darn socks and iron hankies, or maybe not

Remember when everyone knew how to sew a button. Source: Pexels

It’s not secret that sewing and repairing can save you money. 

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Everyone used to do it – learning how to sew a button, darn a sock and take up a hem was once a necessity – and most people learned how from their grandparents or parents. 

From preventing runs in stockings and sewing patches on clothes to gluing soles back on shoes to washing and ironing hankies rather than relying on tissues, there were so many nifty tricks to get more use out of an item rather than throw it away.

Nowadays, we tend to toss rather than mend, but should we be go back to the old ways or mend-and-make-do? Or has the disposability and lower prices of modern products freed up time for more important stuff?

Do you still sew or repair items? Or do you think it’s a waste of time?