Is it OK to eat or drink something before you've paid at the supermarket?

Eating while you shop might actually be theft. Source: Pexels

Shopping on an empty stomach is sometimes a bad idea. 

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Whether you’re thirsty, hungry or trying to calm a child, is it OK to eat or drink something before you’ve paid? A lot of shoppers do it, but is it acceptable?

Some shoppers think it’s OK if they intend to pay for it at the check-out, while others consider it theft. Some shops clearly know it’s an issue, and have made it easier for parents by offering free fruit pieces for kids at the entrance.

You probably won’t be prosecuted if you open a bottle of water to quench your thirst, but you probably shouldn’t do it, according to the Queensland government, which says that  eating or drinking something in a shop without prior payment is considered shoplifting.

Do you think this is fair? Is it OK to drink and eat in a shop before paying? Do you do this or know someone who does?