Should you shower every day?

Shower head
Ideally, how often should we shower? Source: Pexels

You’re probably showering way too often. 

Many people shower twice a day — once in the morning and then again before bed. 

However, sometimes, after an exhausting day, collapsing into bed without a ‘second’ shower seems like a good idea. 

While this may disgust a few, according to experts, those who shower less have it ‘right’. 

Ideally, how often should we shower?

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Surprisingly, showering too much can actually damage your skin. 

Experts say you can actually get away with showering just once or twice a week. This gives the natural oils in your skin enough time to nourish and moisturise your skin without being stripped away by soap. 

Although, if you’re working out in the hot sun everyday or working up a sweat doing physical labour, perhaps that second shower is a good idea! 

According to a 2015 study, published in The Atlantic, just over 80 per cent of men shower daily and 90 per cent of women shower daily, in Australia. 

Do you think we shower too much? Do you shower daily? What do you think?

How often should you shower?