Are you a cat or dog person?

Dog and cat
Which are better, cats or dogs? Source: Pexels

Nothing beats curling up with your favourite furry pal, cat or dog,  after an exhausting day. But when it comes to owning a pet, the debate over which is better, cats or dogs, is still raging. 

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To put it simply, both are great pets, but they have a lot of differences. Cats are often perceived as independent, clean and quiet, while dogs are loud, messy and full of energy. 

While cats are great low maintenance pets, they are sometimes pinned as ‘selfish’ and a bit of a bore as they only play or show affection when it suits them.  Dogs, on the other hand, are affectionately dubbed ‘man’s best friend’. They might be a lot of work sometimes, but they’re often super friendly and loyal. Whether they’re begging for your food or greeting you at the front door, a dog have a certain way of lifting the spirits.

Most people will have fond memories of their first cat or dog — that childhood friend that helped you fill countless hours of playing and messing around in the backyard, or lazing around on the couch at the weekend. That bond between human and animal often carries into our adult life as well, with millions owning a pet and introducing that special bond to their children, too. 

So which do you like better cats or dogs? Or, do you like neither?

Are you a cat or dog person?