Conspiracy theories, prophecies and superstitions

Ever since humankind dabbled in the numinous and had the language skills to express it, prophecies have appeared.

Every year brings with it new prophecies either spelling doom and gloom for us and our beloved planet, or promising us a new beginning. Prophecies for this month are no different.

Over the past few months I noticed snippets appearing here and there about the prophecies for 23-24 September 2015. Being a retiree with perhaps too much time on my hands and an enquiring mind, I decided to investigate.

Where else would you begin investigating but on Google?

So, off I headed to Google on my ageing laptop and what I found was an astonishing array of opinions about what would happen this month, in fact, only a couple of weeks away.

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As would be expected, much of the prophecy had to do with religion, especially Christianity. That old chestnut for conspiracy theorists – a new world order – also raised its habitual and invariable head. Then there was talk about the CERN Particle Accelerator in Switzerland, Sir Isaac Newton, Blood Moons, a comet strike, and of course, the much-awaited return of Jesus Christ.

If a meteor doesn’t appear from the multiverse on 23-24 September 2015, crash into the Atlantic Ocean and cause a huge Tsunami, then maybe someone will be surprised. Maybe even the aliens resident on the false comet 67P will be surprised.

Comet 67P is better known as the Rosetta Comet. Ahh, now you’ve heard of that haven’t you? Our smarty-pants scientists and space exploration buffs landed a vehicular probe on the comet while it was travelling through space at a phenomenal rate. Not a bad feat by any standards and to think I have trouble getting a small dimpled ball into a tiny hole on a relatively small golf course. But hey, that’s another matter.

CERN, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) has been an area of interest for me since the early 80s when I studied physics and read “The Turning Point” by Fritjof Capra. Capra included images of sub-atomic particles that had collided in the LHC. I was caught forever in the grip of physics.

But today’s story isn’t as fascinating. Today’s story suggests that around 23 September 2015 when CERN cranks up the collider to its full potential after a two-year rebuild, it will create an open portal into an underworld through which demons will enter our Earth.

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Sir Isaac Newton’s share in the prophecy is his apparent interpretation of parts of the Holy Bible. Through a range of mathematical computations, it appears that 23 September is the day of Atonement. Following that, I understand that Jesus Christ will return to Earth and sort out the mess we have created for ourselves. If timing truly is everything, it’s a shame he didn’t arrive a few years earlier before ISIS.

If none of the above happen, don’t be disappointed – there’s more.

Project Blue Beam, is said by conspiracy theorists to be a NASA inspired project to create a “false flag alien attack” on Earth that will convince our 7 billion plus fellow earthlings that all the current religions are untrue. It will, they hope, lead to a new religion with the Anti-Christ at the head and one governing body. I personally would have preferred a secular government and no replacement religion, but then, I’m only one person.

If too much chaos arises as a result of this earth shattering event, operation Jade Helm in the United States of America is prepared with hundreds of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) concentration camps. Miscreant citizens and other undesirables can be interred. I have no idea what we will do in Australia, probably put them into unworthy boats and push them towards Indonesia.

Finally, this month has a Blood Moon on 28 September which some feel will lead to the end of the world. It’s really anyone’s guess what will happen first.

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While I patiently wait to see which of the events happens, it’s a good excuse to consume the last 17 bottles of wine in my wine rack, just in case the world does end and it’s wasted.

What will you do? Are you a superstitious person who believes in prophecy? Do you follow conspiracies?

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