Your say: What is the worst car park in Australia?

As our cities get bigger, so too do our shopping centres. If you’ve noticed your local shopping centre or major shopping complex expanding, you’re not the only one. Shopping centres in Australia are expanding at a high rate, and one of them is Indooroopilly Shopping Town in Brisbane. The shopping centre car park has been suffering for months from huge delays for those who simply want to get out. They don’t love shopping that much! It’s been the subject of much discussion on talk back radio this week but today, we want to know the worst car park in Australia.

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Instead of driving, shoppers are encouraged to use public transport, with spokespeople for the Brisbane shopping centre telling the Courier-Mail, “To maximise their shopping experience, customers are encouraged to travel to Indooroopilly Shopping Centre by bus or train. The train station is only a few minutes’ walk from the centre on Station Rd”. Is that good enough?


Tell us, do you have a local shopping centre that is a nightmare to navigate? Or somewhere you simply avoid because of the horrible parking situation? Or are you over paying when you’ve just spent money shopping? Let’s talk about it!