Your say: Old and lonely or old and active?

These is a place where you can have your say. This is an open space for discussion about some very confronting questions in our society. How do you feel? What do you think? These are the real Q&A for the Australian over 60s today.


How can we overcome isolation and loneliness of singles over 60?  Could it be an ever growing issue as the population ages, divorce rates in over 60s increase, and the younger generations become busier and busier?  Or is it just an issue for the reclusive few that don’t make an effort?



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Are our singles, as their health issues increase destined to stay in their houses more, and interact with others less?  Could this become the largest issue for the ageing population? Or just one for those less proactive?



The way you live as you age is your own choice. The internet, increased opportunities for community engagement and keeping the channels of communications open with friends and family are all possible no matter what your age.


image: pfiesta