Your say: Halloween - too commercial or just good fun?

Here we are on Halloween, and this year, more than last year or the year before, our country is starting to resemble the American fanaticism for the holiday.  For the first time in my living memory, people are starting to decorate their yards for the children that might come door knocking.  They are also carving pumpkins, a practice common overseas, but in my opinion never done in Australia.  Many people in family areas are heading out to fill their foyers with bags of sweets and more people than I have ever seen plan to “Trick or Treat” seeking buckets of candy.

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Now I am no scrooge, Halloween has been an exiting day for kids for all of my life, but never as exciting as it is today.   But I want to know… What you think of our recent adoption of full-bore-Halloween traditions?  Do you enjoy being a part of the community spirit when the kids in the area come door knocking?  Or do you find the copycat Americano traditions rather pathetic?


Tell us your thoughts about Halloween today.


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