Your say: Did Apple just announce the death of credit cards?



Apple launched their iWatch and their stunning new range of iPhones… ho-hum – you can read about them everywhere.  New category… gold watch… awesome! I want one…   But if that’s all you read before you tuned out then you missed the best bit, the bit that might just see you upgrading to the new 4.7 inch or 5.5 inch iPhones to be released next friday.  Apple look to me like they might be changing the world… again!  But today I want to you have your say about whether you’ll consider this new technology in your life, the thing that will make our wallets lighter, or non-existent.

They removed walkmans from our lives, changed the way we read the paper, and now, they want to remove our wallet and credit card.  And I think they have a shot at it after their release last night.  The latest iPhone to be released in Australia on 19th September will come with a new system called Apple Pay that will have us all have us doing away with our leather wallets within months and shifting from credit card to iPhone payments.  By touching the new thumb ID scanning button and pressing on the cash register a payment will go from your account to the account of the retailer.  Thinking about it, it means that we can leave the house with just a phone in our pocket.  No need for a handbag or a purse if you are confident travelling light!

The Apple Pay service will launch in the US in October and after that throughout the rest of the world.

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Does a service like this interest you, and do you think Apple have hit on a new way to change the world with this?