Your Say: Are mail drones the answer?

Recently, the announcement that our post could be delivered using drones got everyone talking.

How do you all feel about the concept of drones delivering your post? Firstly, we have to ask… Why in the world are they called drones?

Drones according to the dictionary are “male honeybees”, a lazy idler or a bum! It doesn’t sound like a pre-programmed flying computer and carrier to me that will deliver the dream service.  But maybe as an idle bum they’ll cost less.

Secondly, are you comfortable with the idea of a drone visiting you daily?  It seeking out your home address by camera and GPS, landing on your front steps and delivering an item.  Putting your postman out of work?

For: There are a number of advantages I suppose, the first of which we would hope might be a lower cost of postage, but I doubt it.  Battery power or fuel will have to drive these things, and personal service always manages to cost more.  Convenience is also something we’d surely be prepared to pay for.  This week I’d pay anything not to have to go back to the shops for more stuff.

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Against: It probably will replace the jobs of postmen and mail room operating staff which can’t be good for the economy. Then, there is the issue that it could really be low-level spying! We all know there is not much that “Big Brother” doesn’t know… But could this be another probe in privacy reduction?  Or could it be a way that people can reach right into our everyday lives and access information that might not be available any other way?


What are your thoughts? Do you like the idea of drones servicing your deliveries or hate it? Tell us why!


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