What was your punishment for swearing?

Swearing is one of those things that no matter how hard you try to shield your children from, it will pop up at some stage in their lives. For me, it was in early high school before I really knew what a swear word was. But for other people like my brother, it was much younger… boys!

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The below video went viral last week – it features young girls saying the “F word” multiple times and is used to highlight the offence we take to that in comparison to that we take to sexism. It is certainly one way to get attention and fight the feminist cause, but it got me thinking… Using children swearing for anything in my childhood would have been considered outrageous. And perhaps this is, but I know I never once saw a young girl swearing on television or in a book that I read at a young age.

And, if I was to use one of those words, the punishment was variable… I would have been smacked, my mouth would have been washed out with soap and water and I would have been denied my dinner. So how did society get to a place when using little girls swearing became a useful tool to promote a cause, important or otherwise?

Do you think it is too far? What was your punishment for swearing when you were younger? Let’s chat about this controversial issue today…