What social groups and clubs do you belong to?

Loneliness is a problem that so many over 60s in Australia and across the world face. It’s a feeling of a lack of companionship and quality relationships with other people. As we get older, retire, our children grow up and we face a myriad of lifestyle changes, our relationships with other people can become distant and the social connection we once had every day decreases. This is why staying socially connected as we age is so important. We don’t have to experience loneliness and to help us combat this problem, there is a wide range of groups, clubs and organisations that exist to help over 60s connect with others.

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So today we would like to know, what social groups, clubs and circles are you in? How regularly do you socialise with other over 60s and where? 

By sharing our own personal stories and experiences we can help other over 60s who may be facing loneliness to learn about new groups and clubs that can give them social connection again.

This article has been sponsored by beyondblue. It was written as we feel it provides the Starts at 60 community with valuable insight into a highly important topic. To find out more about the work that beyondblue does and to learn more about how keeping social connections promotes good mental health, click here