What Pisses Me Off: Dog owners


What pisses me off? Dog owners who can’t clean up after their pets!

I was at the beach last weekend, just casually walking my darling Fifi when I saw something my eyes still have not recovered from. A huge beast/dog was on the footpath, drool glistening in the sun. I looked at it and whilst it made eye contact with me, it delivered a large poo right there. Right there on the path. Its owner stood next to it and even had the gall to say, “Good boy” before jogging off again. I could hardly hide my rage before barking at him, “Aren’t you going to clean that up?”, but he was already gone. I stood there, crap staring at me, with the smell lingering in my nostrils. What was even more disturbing was that there were rubbish bags floating in the breeze just metres away from the crime scene!

How could someone encourage such abhorrent behaviour from their pet? If it was a few droppings, perhaps it could be understood, perhaps, but in no way is a St Bernard’s poop inconspicuous! It pisses me off to no end that some dog owners don’t think they need to pick up after their animals. It’s just bad manners and frankly disgusting. To stop others from stepping in this human-sized turd, I held my arm so far out from my body I nearly broke it to collect the poop up with a baggy and tossed it into the bin. If you have a dog of that size, surely you’re used to their giant deposits and even more used to picking them up, or maybe not in this fella’s case? I’d dread to see his yard if he had that much disregard at home.

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But I do ponder this question, if it’s just an act of nature, should dogs be allowed to poop willy-nilly? I feel that it’s just become part of our society to pick up our untrained domestics, but there may be some readers who wholeheartedly believe in letting what will be, be. A friend (foe) said to me once that the only way the poop would be picked up was if his dog grew posable arms.


What do you think? Should owners always pick up after their dogs? Or is it okay to leave a fresh poo in a yard or on a footpath? Share your thoughts below!