The Bible has been translated into something very "2016"

Whether or not you believe in Christ, there’s no denying the Bible is one of the most sacred books that exists. So should it be modernised?

Well, according to the Twitter account ‘Bible Emoji’ it should. The account owner has taken it upon themselves to translate passages from the Bible into emoji to inspire a new generation of believers.

But that’s not all: totalling about 3,300 pages, the Emoji Bible is available through the iTunes store.

The unnamed translator, only known as 😎, told The Guardian the creation used 80 emoji, and took about six months to complete.

“I thought if we fast forwarded 100 years in the future, an emoji bible would exist,” they said.

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“I wanted to make it similar to how you might text or tweet a bible verse, by shrinking the total character count.”

As the translator developed the verses, they tweeted them so the public could share their thoughts.

“It was sort of like a public proofread,” 😎 said.

The translator welcomed suggestions on how to improve the translation.

The Emoji Bible had been met with a largely positive reception, said 😎: “Some really nice things, some not-so-nice things.”

😎  said, “I think we should worry more about spreading peace and love and less about what church affiliation we’re doing it under.

😎  declined to say if they were a Christian. “I’m just an emoji, and I 💪ly agree with Jesus message of course”.

“That was strongly,” they added. “Not sure if that one came through on translation lol”.

What do you think? Is this blasphemy? Or just a bit of fun?

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