The best Father's Day present for my dad

"I remember one Father's Day I asked him what he wanted and he replied he'd like a bit of peace and quiet."

My dad worked a lot when I was a kid.

He left early and came home late in the afternoons.

Sometimes he worked on the weekend as well.

As a result, we did a lot around the house, chopped wood, ran to the shop when asked, helped mum.

Fathers Day being on a Sunday there was always morning mass.

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Dad would be up helping to get us ready and off we’d go.

I remember one Father’s Day I asked him what he wanted and he replied he’d like a bit of peace and quiet.

Being very young at the time I thought about this and knowing that my father worked hard but also had a sense of humour, come Father’s Day I presented him with a card with this inscription:



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Thankfully he did see the joke. I made mention that the next year I’d give him the missing bits and so he’d get some again the next year. Once a year seemed to please him.

Do you love a great joke gift?