Should airport curfews be lifted?

The debate over airport curfews is livelier than ever, with no end in sight. Where do you stand on the fight between night noise and travel convenience?

Until now, airport curfews have prevented many Australian flights landing too late at night, allowing communities nearby to get a good night’s sleep.

However, multiple airlines have claimed their planes are now quiet enough that it’s no longer necessary.

To anyone who’s had a delayed flight to Adelaide cancelled due to curfew, the idea of dropping it could be welcome. Those who live near an airport might, understandably, be a little less enthused.

Only four airports in Australia currently have curfews in place: Sydney, Adelaide, Coolangatta (Gold Coast) and Essendon (Melbourne). However, more may soon join their ranks.

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The Age has reported that a Melbourne airport curfew is “inevitable” if housing developments in the area continue on their current growth.

Likewise, Perth Airport representatives are concerned that a night curfew is similarly inevitable, suggesting this would ultimately lead to higher ticket prices.

It goes without saying that airlines aren’t a fan of this restriction either.

Qantas and Singapore Airlines have both argued in the past the curfew at Sydney Airport to be ditched entirely, allowing planes to travel at all hours.

Both airlines claimed current curfew of 11pm-6am – and the cap of 80 flights an hour – restricts growth.

They also stated that planes were now quiet enough to land (but not take off) without disturbing people as they sleep.

Do you believe the suggestion that curfews are no longer necessary? Are planes really quiet enough to take off around the clock?