September's exciting astrological forecast

"For the next month and a half we can find passion in the details of our life while accomplishing more of our goals."

As we begin the ninth month of 2017, we may be reflecting on all that we’ve wanted to accomplish this year. Have some of those new year resolutions dropped by the wayside? The old adage of “just stick with it” is easier said than done when it comes to manifesting our dreams. Whether we’re trying to advance our work, learn a new skill or save for a rainy day – anything meaningful in our lives requires perseverance. This is the magic ingredient in any great success, and it can be learned.

The definition of perseverance is the steady persistence in a course of action, especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement. Tackling a challenging long term goal is never easy. To stay on track with your dream you need to believe in your ability to succeed, even when you hit a roadblock. Practice picturing your achievements – see it happening in your mind in order to manifest it. Visualise the specific steps that will get you to your destination. By focusing on the short term victories you’ll be able to accomplish your goals!

September, with it’s strong Virgo influences, is an important time for getting back to your dreams and practicing perseverance. This Equinox month brings greater confidence, determination and dedication for furthering our ambitions and aspirations. What do the Astrological energies encourage us to accomplish in the weeks ahead?

Here’s your September, 2017 motivational astrology forecast:

On the first day of September Mercury continues it’s retrograde motion, backing up into the effervescent sign of Leo. This brings the opportunity to review and reconsider what brings us joy in life and what we can do to further our creative, emotional and intellectual aptitudes in the time ahead. When Mercury finally moves forward on the 5th of September, so too can our dreams, interactions and plans!

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On the 5th of September, when Mercury goes direct, Mars will be moving into Virgo. This begins a time of greater productivity, discipline, organisation and achievement. For the next month and a half we can find passion in the details of our life while accomplishing more of our goals. This is a fortunate cycle for any form of self improvement, working toward greater health and finding ways to build self belief as part of your daily routine!

September’s full moon occurs in the sensitive sign of Pisces on the 6th. This encourages us to honour our intuitive feelings and work more with our dreams, imaginations and artistic expressions. Use this positive occasion to bring alignment to your creative, spiritual and sensitive faculties. By focusing now on love, compassion, empathy and the universal connection we all share, greater harmony, peace and happiness can fill our lives.

Starting 10th September, Mercury moves into Virgo, bringing greater ability to problem solve and analyse our life circumstances. For the next three weeks, its an ideal time to get further organised, put in place new structures for advancement and move forward with your goals! Use this occasion to also clear the clutter – including any negative thoughts or bad habits that prevent you from living life to the fullest.

September’s New Moon in Virgo occurs on the 20th. This lunar energy activates the analytical and rational sides of our nature, encouraging us to become aware of the changes we need to make in order to truly advance. This is a powerful cycle for releasing any debilitating situations or relationships in favour of healthy endeavours. Use this time to end feelings of doubt or worry as what you do now sets the stage for rewards in the weeks ahead!

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Also on the 20th, Venus will move into Virgo. This represents “realistic love” and as such, the way we demonstrate love, affection and enjoyment becomes more reserved, practical and pragmatic. This marks a three week period when we’re more mindful of the details, nuances and specific issues regarding our lives and interactions with others. Our relationships will need to make more sense, be more serviceable and have a purposeful, realistic place in our lives.

Welcome the Equinox on the 23rd as the sun moves into Libra! This begins a new season of harmony and balance, bringing further opportunity to embrace equilibrium in our lives while honouring our inner beauty and intelligence. At this time we can learn how our relationships mirror ourselves, and that meeting others halfway, finding commonality and learning to compromise is the key to balance, happiness and equality.

Finally on the 30th, Mercury will move into Libra, representing “balanced expectations”. This is a time of equitable thinking, helping us to better plan our goals, align our dreams and work toward a more creative, peaceful approach to ourselves and others. This is a beneficial cycle for making worthwhile connections, cultivating artistic expression and seeking ways to manifest harmony.

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What are you most looking forward to this month?

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