Now is the time to release the burden of guilt

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“No amount of guilt can change the past and no amount of worrying can change the future!” – O. Gbenga

Feelings of guilt. We all have them. They’re part of life, learning and personal growth. Each of us has at some point felt despondent over something that was said or done — or that wasn’t! Guilt used properly can help us take corrective action, be more mindful of others or indicate ways for self-improvement. Guilt’s purpose isn’t to make us feel bad, it’s to help us learn from our experiences! But for many, guilt can become destructive when we can’t get over it. Holding on to guilt, replaying situations or conversations over and over again in our mind, does nothing but increase pain and erode self-belief. It’s time to get over the guilt!

Guilt is all too often a way of punishing ourselves. It can be a self destructive thought pattern that becomes all consuming, degrading you, preventing you from living in the moment and keeping you a prisoner in the past. Dealing properly with any regrets, learning the lessons and releasing the holds they have on us, is part of our mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Forgiveness is key. First, forgive yourself. No one is perfect. Then forgive the situation. Harping on what happened in the past does not fix it for the future or provide you with positive feelings toward yourself or others!

Mix-ups, mess-ups and mistakes happen. To everyone. It’s an important part of our learning curve! Holding on to the burden of guilt only brings continuous stress and solves nothing. Misdoings and misunderstandings are a function of life. The only way we grow is by acknowledging it, considering how to do it better in the future and then releasing any feelings of regret that go with it! Apologise and make amends if it’s your fault, stop fretting about it if it wasn’t, but either way learn the lesson and then get on with your life!

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The astrological energies for November encourage us to look within, be aware of our feelings and release any destructive thoughts we may have. This in turn will give us a healthier sense of emotional balance, resulting in greater happiness, health and harmony in all we do! Here’s what you can look forward to in your guilt-free astrological month ahead:

November’s Full Moon occurs in Taurus on the 4th. This represents enjoyment illuminated! The taste, touch, sight, sounds and fragrance of life is magnified, helping us to appreciate more of the ‘joy factor’ in all that we do! Honour those things that you value while releasing what is no longer pleasing. This is a great occasion to cultivate further artistry, love and beauty in your life by nurturing your gifted soul! Let go of what is no longer supportive in order to move forward now!

On November 6, Mercury enters Sagittarius, urging us to think big! This is an enthusiastic time for appreciating positive self-expression, expansive thought and new optimism! Over the next few weeks we can jump into prosperous projects and exciting opportunities, helping our dreams come to life. This is a great time for expanding your horizons through new learning, travel or interesting friendships. Connecting with others to share knowledge, inspiration and adventure is highlighted.

Venus, the Goddess of Love planet, moves into intense Scorpio on November 8. Our need-to-connect feelings become more intense now as greater passion and seductive energy encourages us to share strong sentiments with a significant other. This is a highly emotional time when we’re eager to make positive changes in our lives in order to feel more fulfilled on all levels. Use this period to envision what you need for a more satisfying relationship and then help your heart and soul to manifest it.

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November’s New Moon occurs on the 19th in the sign of Scorpio! This is a powerful time to put into place your plans, passions and purpose in order to bring your visions to reality. In the sign of Scorpio, our inner workings, intuitive sense and deep emotions are highlighted. Greater appreciation of our feelings is emphasized now, helping us to transcend any difficulties recently experienced. This is a favourable occasion for gaining understanding of our sensitive natures, experiencing new awareness and working toward personal transformation!

Lastly, on November 22 the Sun shifts into Sagittarius! This brings a new cycle of expansive expression, encouraging visions and positive feelings. We can open ourselves now to greater prosperity, possibility thinking and freedom-loving adventures which inspires more confidence and abundance in our lives! As we express more positive energy and extroverted interests we grow our minds and souls!

What new journey or interesting adventure can you embark on this month?