My miserable week turned around in the simplest of ways

"Tasmania has been cold, very cold and wet. This year it had not rained as much but the past couple of weeks it has been trying to make up for it."

Have you ever had one of those weeks? One that makes you feel down and a little miserable? This past week was one of those for me.

Tasmania has been cold, very cold and wet. This year it had not rained as much but the past couple of weeks it has been trying to make up for it. The wind blew and blew and blew. My little dog slipped her collar and was nearly run over. A dear friend was sad because her dad passed away and of course I could not take her pain away. I had a week of only physically seeing one person. I had some family issues. The week just seemed to get longer and longer. 

Today I decided I needed to change the dreary mood I was in. I arranged with a friend to meet up in the city and away I went. My first stop was a place that brightens my mood always, Dymocks Hobart. As usual the shop was buzzing, the smell of books was marvellous and the staff as always, were cheerful and friendly. Mood lifting? Definitely. I picked up an autographed copy of a children’s book I had ordered, had a few laughs and headed on up the road a bit to a little shop that sells fresh teas, coffees and gifts. After purchasing my preferred blend, I stepped into a little cafe for a latte and to await my friend. I sat and watched the world go by and imagined the lives of the people going about their business. Have you ever done that?

By the time my friend arrived I was in a much better frame of mind. We decided to go to lunch to a little out of the way place she had been to once or twice before but I had not. The cafe is called Providence, and it’s in an old red brick building in the north side of Hobart. It doesn’t look special and is quite small but it was wonderful. Marco, the distinguished, rather handsome gentleman in the accompanying photo was a perfect host. His cafe was full of people, the aromas coming from every table were inviting and it had what every eating establishment needs – atmosphere. 

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Marco waited on us and every other table with ease and a winning smile. I was smitten before I finished my lunch. If you are ever in Hobart, this is a must go to in my opinion, especially for the delicious food and inviting smile. By the time we had eaten our lunch my week had taken a definite turn for the better. 

Debbie, my friend is great company. We laughed and discussed everything from the weather to the good looks of the Eyelines guy. Remember him girls? The silver grey haired hunk in glasses? Marco actually came close.

So my dreary, horrible week ended much better than it had started. There are times when you just want to curl up and see no-one but if you make a small effort, sometimes the benefits are large. It’s much nicer now thinking of the past week as I curl up on the couch with a smile. Sometimes just a smile, a coffee and a friend can make all the difference.

Have you ever had a terrible week turn around for the better?