Let's talk: Who was Australia's best leader?

It’s no secret that Australian politics has been somewhat of a shambles over the past five years.

Deposed leaders, party in-fighting, government leaks, and public temper tantrums are just the tip of the iceberg with it comes to our representatives in Parliament House.

All over the world people have watched as Australia’s leaders seemingly fumbled their way from one election to another.

The BBC even went as far as to call Australia the “coup capital of the Western World” – a label many people say they would rather do without.

When looking back at our prime ministers over the past few years, some wonder whether or not it would do them good to take a leaf out of the book of prime ministers past and change their tact on certain issues.

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Gough Whitlam brought reforms and free education for all, while Sir Robert Menzies, creator of the Liberal party, who showed us that when you’re down, you’re not necessarily out.

Malcolm Fraser is credited with bringing stability back to the government after the chaos of the Whitlam dismissal, he also embraced multiculturalism by welcoming refugees from the Indochina conflict, and created the SBS.

Bob Hawke could down a yard glass but was teetotal during his four terms in office, Paul Keating was arguably the best financial Labor prime minister, and Julia Gillard smashed the glass ceiling by becoming the first female in the top job before being ousted by the very man she had deposed.

Tony Abbott only made it half way through his term as PM before being knocked out of the top job, and now Malcolm Turnbull is yet to prove whether or not he can fulfil his promises to the country.

While no prime minster is perfect, there are those that seemed to be favoured more than others.

Who was your favourite prime minister and why? Do you have a least favourite PM?