Let's talk: Some grandparents don't like their grandkids

We’d all like to think blood is thicker than water, and that being a family means your love each other no matter what.

But what happens when you struggle to love some family members more than others?

Some grandparents have taken the bold step and admitted they don’t like any of their grandkids, while others have said they favour some grandchildren more than others.

As much as this information comes as a shock to many people, it turns out it’s actually surprisingly common.

Some grandparents say they find it easier to get along with grandchildren from one family, or that they have formed stronger bonds with their first-born grandchild and find it difficult to create the same relationship with those born after.

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“I couldn’t respond well to my youngest granddaughter,” one grandmother posted on Gransnet, “especially as I have such a strong bond with her sister, who is five years older.”

One grandfather says adores one of his grandsons, Sam, who always liked tinkering around in ‘Grandpa’s workshop’.

Sam’s younger brother has never been interested in that though; he much prefers playing with computers. The boys are in their teens now, but the grandfather still has a much stronger bond with Sam.

“It’s not something I like to admit,” he says, “but I think the boys must know Sam is the favourite.”

These admissions have some grandparents admitting they feel the same way about their families, too.

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It’s a touchy issue to say the least and one that has divided many families across the country.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this issue…

Do you favour some of your grandchildren over others? Did you ever feel like you and your siblings were treated differently by your grandparents?