Let's talk: Should non-Muslims be forced to wear headscarf in the Middle East?

Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark have officially begun their controversial five-day tour of Saudi Arabia, but it’s what Mary wore (or didn’t wear) that had chins wagging.

It is a well-known tradition for all women in the Middle Eastern country to cover up with a headscarf, however Princess Mary decided against it (it is optional but looked-down-upon).

Photos have emerged on social media of the Australian-born Princess and her husband with the Saudi royal family and their meeting with King Salman bin Abdulaziz at the Royal Palace. While the 44-year-old Princess covered up for the occasion in a long black top, she had no covering over her head.

Saudi females are required to wear a headscarf and loose robes in public, and need male accompaniment whenever they leave the house.

Despite refusal to wear the headscarf, Princess Mary looked very neat and conservative, with a pink scarf flowing.

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You may remember in January 2015 Michelle Obama, was criticised by both people in America and Saudi Arabia after she visited the country and decided not to wear a headscarf.

Other female royals have made the call to wear a headscarf in a Muslim country: the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla did so when visiting Saudi Arabia and the Duchess of Cambridge covered up with a white scarf at The Assyakirin Mosque in Malaysia in 2012.

Some suggest those who choose not to wear a headscarf are making a bold statement, while others believe it is simply impolite.

We want to know today: how do you feel about it? Would you wear a headscarf out of respect? Should foreigners respect the customs?