Let’s talk: Should dole bludgers be sent to work in rural areas?

Millions of Australians receive dole payments every month.

Every year hundreds of Australians are caught out cheating the welfare system and purposefully avoiding finding employment so they can stay on the dole.

It’s a problem that draws the ire of taxpayers and seems to be difficult for the government to get a handle on.

One idea that has been floating around for a while is that those who cheat the system be sent packing to the bush and put to work on the land instead.

It’s no secret that many of our precious rural communities are struggling with weather, lack of resources, and financial stress all putting unwanted pressure on them.

So why not send those who need work, and have done wrong, out there to help?

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These so-called ‘dole bludgers’ could help run farms, contribute to communities and help keep local businesses running.

One of the biggest problems many rural communities face is an ageing population, so welfare skimpers with young families could also help revive the youth culture and keep schools running.

But not everyone thinks this is a good idea.

There is also the argument that moving people away from their regular lifestyle, friends and family wouldn’t be good for them and would only make them resentful over the whole thing.

It’s the idea that people need to be happy and willing to work to really find success and make a go of it.

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Others say this is ‘bludger talk’ though and and that people need suck it up and realise if they wrought the system they have to pay the price.

What do you think?

Should dole bludgers be sent to help in rural communities? Or do we need another way to fix the problem?

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