Let’s talk: Malcolm Turnbull says ISIS is nearly over

The Prime Minister has made a surprising declaration after attending a series of US intelligence and defence briefings in Washington DC, saying terrorist group Islamic State is “on the way out”.

Mr Turnbull is in the United States for the UN Summit and said the ISIS stronghold in Iraq was diminishing and that they would soon be reduced to nothing.

“The good news in terms of the battle against Daesh or (ISIS), is that we are continuing to roll them back and we look forward to further gains over the course of the next six months or so,” he said.

“There is a very real prospect of completing the defeat of (ISIS) in the battlefield, ending their so-called caliphate. Of course the struggle against terrorism will continue for many years to come,” he said.

When he talks about the continuing struggles, Mr Turnbull is of cause referring to the increasing danger of lone wolf attacks, where individuals launch terror attacks in the name of ISIS.

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While fear of those attacks is a big issue for many people, Mr Turnbull remained optimistic and took at swipe at the terror group.

“I am more optimistic about the defeat of (ISIS) on the battlefield and the end of their caliphate, or their so-called caliphate, their so-called state,” he said.

“Remember their boast? They said they were going to sweep across Europe and stable their horses in the Vatican. Well, that is not going to happen.”

So are we heading towards a safer world with the end of ISIS? Mr Turnbull conceded things could still get worse before they get better.

“There is a concern that the terrorist, the lone actor terrorist threat in countries like the United States and Australia and the West, if you like, will get worse before it gets better,” he said.

Do you think ISIS can ever really be defeated? Do you believe Malcolm Turnbull’s claims?

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