Let's Talk: Is this show ruining the sanctity of marriage?

Last night, one of this year’s most polarising shows so far aired on Channel Nine. Married at First Sight has divided viewers over its premise before it was broadcast, but what is the big deal? Well, complete strangers are being married on TV and it’s unacceptable to some. Some are saying it’s destroying the sanctity of marriage and insulting gay couples who want to be married but can’t in Australia.

So what happened on last night’s episode? Well, exactly what you’d expect from a show built on no love whatsoever and a whole bunch of confused family members.

It was yet another reality show, packaged up in ads as something so controversial and ridiculous, but it actuality it was just as bland a concept as any dating show ala The Bachelor.

None of the relationship experts were really that impressive and didn’t seem to be able to match the soon-to-be-wed couples with any sort of precision.

The first episode’s contestants were your typical unlucky-in-love people – desperate and dateless women and eternal male bachelors in their mid-late 30s.

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Don’t be fooled: this may have been shown to be reckless abandonment of dignity, but Married at First Sight was nothing more than a sped-up version of Perfect Match.

So what were people so up in arms about? Here’s some of Twitter’s best responses:

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Possibly the worst part of all of this is that the couples in fact are not legally married and it is just a glorified, fake arrange wedding ceremony for our enjoyment/horror.

Tell us, do you think that Married at First Sight is ruining marriage? Or is it just a bit of fun and each to their own?